Saturday, June 27, 2015

Heat wave!

Oh dear Lord, it's so hot... 

I am lying quietly in my bed with my seven year old asleep beside me because we didn't have enough fans to go around and it's much too hot to sleep without one. 

It got up to about 30 degrees here today. Inside and outside. That's hot. Super hot, with no air conditioning, no reprieve from the heat. 

You know it's hot when the eleven year old can't even work up the energy for a good meltdown. When we break out a bunch of face cloths and keep them damp to cool our skin every few minutes. When we eat only salad for supper, because there isn't a hope in hell that I'm going to turn on any sort of heating device, not even the barbecue. And tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter.

Every year I hear people (including myself) say, "It's SO HOT! But I'm not going to complain because at least it's not -30" (which I'm pretty sure it is for half of the year here). Have you noticed that this is actually a complaint in non-complaint form? Why do we say we're not going to complain when we are actually complaining because we are seriously uncomfortable despite the fact that we don't feel like we should be complaining? 

I'll tell you something else about that non-complaining complaint. When it's freezing cold, you can layer. And layer and layer and layer until you're mostly cozy. But there are only so many layers that you can take off when it's hot. And then you're still hot, and generally speaking, skin is a removable layer. 

And anyway, who made up the rule that you can only complain if it's extremely hot or cold? It's stupid. I'm not a person who loves super hot or super cold. I want it to be a nice, comfy temperature all year round. From now on, I'm going to whine just as much when it's +30 as when it's -30, and you can't stop me! So there. I hope you're happy, arbitrary stupid rule maker, whoever you are... 

The eleven year old, reading a book while soaking his feet in cold water in the tub... Yup, that's hot.