Friday, June 5, 2015

Our Garage Sale

Today was garage sale/ lemonade stand day. We sat outside for six hours. 

My seven year old daughter officially made more at her lemonade stand than I did at the garage sale. I'm going to guess that it's because, 1) she's way cuter than me, and 2) she's an AMAZING salesman. Every person that pulls up in front of our house gets this super cute little girl greeting them at their car, "Welcome to our garage sale! Would you like some lemonade?" Seriously, who could say no? And most of what she's made has been in tips! (insert eye roll here) 

And then THIS happened: 

I know, it's just a naked Pandora bracelet. But it's MY Pandora bracelet! So here's the story... 

About three years ago, my best friend bought me the bracelet for my birthday with one "best friends" charm. The following Christmas, my parents bought me a cute charm for my new bracelet. But when I went to put it on, the bracelet was missing! I tore the house apart on multiple occasions, but I never found it. Fast forward to today... The seven year old is hanging out at the garage sale, and decides that she wants to "buy" one of the purses on the table with her killing from the lemonade stand. So I let her have it. She opens it up and starts checking out all the pockets, and I hear, "Look what I found!" 

I'll tell you what... Anyone could have walked into my garage sale and bought that purse, and walked out with a new bracelet (sans charms), worth much more than the $1 they had just paid for it. But instead, my brilliant, gorgeous, amazing, daughter decided that she had to have that purse! Just so that I wasn't taking the bracelet back unpaid for, I let her take the other purse that was on the table, too. She was satisfied with the trade, and we all lived happily ever after. 

Until the cheeseburger incident. 

But that's a story for another day.