Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Abandoned Dog with Two Broken Legs (or, What I Did On My Summer Vacation)

A lot of crazy things seem to fall into my lap. I'd go into detail but this is a more important story that I've been asked to share... And I think that it needs to be told.

This little dog is all over the news, just google him. He's been dubbed "Afro Man" (BTW, this is a terrible name. Sorry guys, but someone had to say it). But what is not well known, or has been glossed over by the media is that this dog was dumped not once, but TWICE. I know because my children and I found him the first time...

On Friday, my two youngest kids and I were driving from vacation in Invermere, B.C. to my parents' house in Calgary, Alberta. I had told my parents that we would be awhile because I intended to stop and see some sights along the way, but that we would be there by supper.

As we were talking and driving and seeing all kinds of neat stuff, I said, "And, there's a dog. On the side of the road, with casts on its front legs!" And of course, I pulled over. I was not parked in a safe place so I told the kids to wait in the car, and I went out to see this little dog. He was so happy to see me, he barked and wagged his tail, and started trying to run to me. But a dog can't run well with casts on both front legs, and he kind of hopped and flopped a few times, and landed dangerously close to the middle of the road. So I scooped him up in my arms, and was greeted with happy kisses and wiggles. I got him into my car, and my seven year old did everything she could to make him comfortable. 

We drove to the next pull out along the highway where we could safely stop, and we asked people if they were missing a dog. We left notes on a few empty cars just in case they were looking for him. We met a very sweet family that had a trailer, and gave us some meat and water for him (Scarlet if you're reading this, thank you so much!). They gave us some left over lamb. After the pooch had gobbled it all down, the seven year old decided to call him "Lamb Chop". 

We continued down the highway. The kids doted on this little pooch the entire way, and asked me every few minutes if we could keep him. I explained to them that he undoubtedly had a person somewhere who was missing him very badly.

This dog was so sweet, and so happy. He made sure to give the kids tons of kisses, and then slept for awhile in the back seat of the car. Every so often he would whimper for a few seconds, but otherwise he made almost no sound at all. 

Once we had cell service, I called the vet in Camore, Alberts. They said to bring the pooch on in so they could check for a microchip or tattoo. By the time we reached Canmore, I had had time to think and realize that I should call the vets around Radium near where I found him. My first call was successful, and the Invermere Animal Hospital said that they had out the original casts on this dog, and knew who the owner was. They put me in touch with the owner, who was indeed Nad Dar, even though he now denies it. 

Nad told me that the dog had been "stolen" out of his car at a rest stop near Radium, and that he was so happy to see his dog safe and returned to him. These were the words he spoke, but he hardly paid any attention to "his" dog, except to take him from my arms and plop him on the back seat of his truck. I did not get a good vibe... But it was his dog, and he had (supposedly) had a bad day. It wasn't my place to complain. 

On Monday evening, my brother called me to tell me that the same dog was in the news, having been dumped AGAIN, this time outside of Morley, Alberta. I immediately contacted Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue, and told them my story. I have been on the phone with them over the last two days, and have applied to adopt this little guy. He needs pins in his legs, as apparently his former owner opted out of properly caring for his broken legs. 

We want so badly for this sweetheart to be a part of our family. No animal should be treated like a broken toy and dumped and left for the coyotes and bears. My heart goes out to this pup every time I think of how happy he was to be held, how much he loved to be with people, and how badly he wanted to play with my kids. 

This little dog's vet bill will be astronomical. He will need lots of rehabilitation. Right now the Rescue is paying for his medical expenses, but even if I am able to adopt him, I would have a hard time paying the vet bills on my own.

And so, dear readers... All 20 of you... I am taking a moment from my crazy insane family life to ask for your help. I have set up a donation page, and ask you all to share the link, donate, or whatever you are able to do to help us to be able to adopt this little guy, and help the rescue to be able to pay for his vet bills... And if there is money leftover, it will go directly to the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue to help with their other animals! Just click on the link on the right... -->

Yep, right up there! 

Me (missing a head thanks to my 7 year old photographer) with the sweet pooch in question, at the Canmore vet on Friday.